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First user-oriented
Blockchain Network

Experience the Power of RapidChain 
A Blockchain That's Fast, Secure, Affordable, and Packed with Advanced Features


We are taking your asset tokenization
processes to the next level

High-speed Transactions

Rapid blockchain offers unparalleled speed with an extraordinary 3000 tps. Its incredible transaction speed enables users to process their transactions instantly and seamlessly. With its fast and efficient structure, Rapid is an ideal choice for the high-performance blockchain applications of the future.

High security and stability

Rapid blockchain stands out with its robust and reliable infrastructure. Thanks to its distributed consensus mechanisms, it provides high resistance against manipulation. Additionally, advanced security measures ensure the protection of users' assets and guarantee data privacy.


With the official Bridge Dapp, users can easily transfer their assets from one network to another. Additionally, users who want to develop on the RAP20 protocol can customize their feature preferences and deploy tokens on networks like RAPID, ETH, and BSC with just one click.

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Rapidchain stats

Growing Network


Faster Speed
Of Transaction


Unique Wallet


Per Second



The RapidChain ecosystem stands as a high-performance, user-centric blockchain network, enabling developers to create versatile applications while ensuring rapid transactions, robust security, and boundless scalability.



What is Rapidchain?

Rapidchain, high performance and ease of use in focus, is a next-generation user-centric L1 blockchain network. With the ability to handle over 2,500 transactions per second, multi-language support with Ethereum’s Solidity and Cosmos’ WASM, user-friendly design, infinite scalability, robust security, and low transaction fees, Rapidchain brings a novel approach to blockchain infrastructure. This combination of features has poised it as a substantial player shaping the future of blockchain technology.

The Fastest Growing Network

In a rapidly evolving digital age, one network has distinguished itself as the fastest growing in the industry. Emerging from a sea of competitors, this network has established a reputation for its innovative solutions, user-friendly interface, and exceptional customer service. By offering a range of services designed to meet the diverse needs of its users, it has grown at a staggering rate, capturing the attention of industry experts worldwide. The network’s unprecedented growth can largely be attributed to its commitment to constant innovation and adaptation. It prioritizes its users, seamlessly integrating the latest technologies to provide a streamlined and efficient platform. This commitment to excellence and the provision of unique and adaptable solutions is what sets it apart, solidifying its position as the fastest-growing network in the digital world.

Unique Measurement and Additional Income Mechanism

Rapid holders can lock tokens to receive uRapid and vote on our native Rapid Metrics. Gauge voting determines the distribution of rewards to Rapid validators and DeFi users on the Rapid network. uRapid holders receive fees from all aspects of the Rapid ecosystem, making it the most attractive L1 token for perpetual yield.

Meet the Team

Take a look at our continuously growing team

Untitled 69.png

$RAPID is the cryptocurrency that empowers the Rapid Chain ecosystem.

Rapid Coin

$RAPID, which shares the same contract address across all networks, is currently approaching the pre-sale stage on LaunchPads and exchanges.
Vested RAPID CA  : 

Our Roadmap

Parallel Lines



Market and problem/solution analysis

Building project team

Team member role assignment

Setting up RapidChain's SM accounts

Creating groups on Tg and Discord

Testnet development



Testnet explorer development

Faucet creation

Testnet release

Name Service launch

Token launch preparation

Website launch

Social media accounts going live

Bridge applications launch



RAPID launch on ETH+BSC chains

Native token presales and listings

Staking system launch

Community building

Marketing campaign 1

Public testnet (rewarded events)

DApp Center launch
Web3 Video Service (VideoRapid)
IPFS integration
Mainnet explorer



Rapid Wallet launch
Mainnet release Twitter live streams and Telegram AMAs (Ask Me Anything)

Mainnet integration with various exchanges and platforms

Continued Tier 1 & 2 CEX listings Multichain DEX launch

First projects launch on RapidChain Marketing campaign 2


Some of Our Collaborations


Connect to Chain

The Rapid Chain is now live and can be publicly accessed. Rapid supports all EVM deployments & tools such as Metamask, Truffle, and Ethereum Bytecodes.

The Rapid Chain can be manually added on Metamask.


Network Name

Rapid Chain


Chain ID



Block Explorer

Rapid Logo yuv 1000X.png


Network Name

Rapid Chain Testnet


Chain ID 



Block Explorer

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Risk Disclosure 

Trading with financial instruments and/or cryptocurrencies carries a high level of risk and can result in the partial or complete loss of your investment, making it unsuitable for all investors. Cryptocurrency prices are extremely volatile and easily influenced by factors such as financial news, political events, and regulatory authorities.

Before making your preference among other financial instruments or cryptocurrencies, carefully review your investment objectives, experience level, and risk appetite, and consider seeking professional advice when needed.

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